Once dental veneers are in place, it is difficult for the dentist to work in and around the teeth without causing damage. For this reason, the dentist will usually carry out any corrective dental work like braces before placing the veneers.
Sometimes, however, this is not possible as dental issues may surface after the veneers are completed. Invisalign is the best solution in many of these cases as the system:
– Uses moulded plastic aligners that aren’t attached to teeth
– Doesn’t involve any brackets or posts
– Doesn’t require any adhesive
The Invisalign system is widely regarded as being “the best option for those who need orthodontic work” but have veneers. More detailed information can be found at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/can-i-have-braces-or-invisalign-if-i-have-dental-veneers/.