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Do I need to get my wisdom tooth removed?

Humans no longer need wisdom teeth, so when they emerge, they can be removed if they are causing problems. Key takeaways: - Wisdom teeth are prone to infection and can become painfully impacted - symptoms include redness, pain, swelling, a bad taste or increased frequency of headaches. - If you're lucky enough to have wisdom [...]

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How to manage a dead tooth

People wonder why a dead tooth is painful, yet the nerve endings are dead. The reason is, when you have a dead tooth, pus builds up in your pulp, thus causing pain. Key takeaways: - A dead tooth occurs when a tooth is severely decayed or there has been trauma that cuts off blood supply. [...]

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How to know the right dental implants for you

Dental implants are the perfect option to replace a missing tooth. The implant will involve a screw being inserted into your jaw, after which the dentist places a crown. In the end, you will have a beautiful natural-looking replacement tooth that will last a very long time, with proper oral care practices. Key takeaways: - [...]

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Have you been brushing your teeth properly?

One way to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease is to brush twice daily and floss regularly. However, many of us are still brushing our teeth incorrectly. Key takeaways - Brush your teeth for at least two minutes. - Use short strokes with a comfortable amount of pressure. - Remember to brush the [...]

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The Top Aesthetic Options to Straighten Your Teeth

Do you desire straight teeth and are you hoping to avoid the visual effects of traditional braces? If so, you are in luck. Your orthodontist or dentist will provide you with a variety of devices to choose from. A handful of the most common (and aesthetically pleasing) are: - Ceramic braces that mimic the colour [...]

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Tips For Keeping Gum Disease Away

Researchers have found that gum disease is linked to other health conditions such as Alzheimer's and heart disease. Here are some tips on how to prevent it. Key takeaways: - Brush and floss your teeth after meals, following up with mouthwash and a water irrigator to clean the gums - Keep toothbrushes clean by sterilising [...]

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