Recovering From a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

After your wisdom tooth extraction, there's a few things you can do to ensure you recover as quickly as possible: - Within the first 24 hours, holding an ice pack to your face can reduce any swelling; you should also avoid hot drinks, alcohol, smoking or brushing your teeth. - After 24 hours you should [...]

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Common Causes of Bleeding Gums When Flossing

If you bleed when you floss between your teeth, this could signal several potential problems. Of course, always speak with a dentist if you suspect any issues. What are three reasons why your gums may bleed when you floss? - You might not be flossing incorrectly; up-and-down movements are best. - You may not be [...]

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Dangerous Oral Symptoms To Look Out For

The condition of your teeth, gums, tongue, lips and cheek-lining can tell more about your health and even help in early detection of chronic diseases. Here are some dangerous oral symptoms to look out for. Main points: - Recurring cavities could be a sign of diabetes. - White spots and lines on the tongue are [...]

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What is Leukoplakia?

Leukoplakia is generally defined by a dentist (or an oral specialist) as white areas within the mouth that are not easily removed with a toothbrush. Many professionals believe that this condition can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol use. Key takeaway points: - Ill-fitting dentures may cause leukoplakia. - [...]

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Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth can cause pain and discomfort when they come in. What happens if you have them removed? Key takeaways: - Wisdom teeth coming in at the wrong angle are painful and can push other teeth out their natural alignment. - Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection. - These molars are not necessary, so having [...]

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Dealing with a Bad Taste in the Mouth

A bad taste in the mouth is often caused by easily treatable problems and can be cured without visiting the dentist. If the problem is due to simple factors such as bad dental hygiene, medications, or diet, then the remedy can be as simple as: - Brushing and flossing teeth properly and regularly - Changing [...]

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Benefits of Gingival Grafts

If sensitive teeth, receding gums, or exposed roots are a problem your dentist may refer you to a periodontist to be evaluated for a possible gingival graft. Also known as a gum graft, a gingival graft involves transposing healthy gum tissue to another location to replace damaged tissue. A gingival graft may be necessary to: [...]

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