Receded Gums and Gum Disease

When the gums start to draw away from the teeth, it should be taken as a warning sign that something is amiss. Although there may be a simple reason and a simple remedy, receding gums are something that should be treated by a dentist sooner rather than later. In the majority of cases, receding gums [...]

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Need to Know: Jaw Tightness

The jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a very complex joint. There are many reasons why you might experience tension or tightness here. Key takeaways: - Teeth-grinding can cause headaches and jaw tension. - When teeth don't align well it can place extra strain on the jaw muscles. - Clicking noises and inability to open [...]

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Why an Implant-Supported Bridge May be Right For You

An implant supported bridge is a restorative procedure to replace missing teeth. It uses dental implants rather than neighboring teeth for support. Key takeaways: - A multi-step procedure, the implant-supported bridge will look part of your natural smile. - This bridge allows a dentist more flexibility and more evenly distributes the pressure on the teeth. [...]

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Reducing Childhood Fear of the Dentist by Playing “Make Believe”

Playing “make believe” is a great deal of fun for children and it can help them prepare for a dental appointment. If parents can create a “fake” session at home, the child will be much more open to having his or her teeth and gums examined. What steps can you take? - Use a mirror [...]

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Why a Custom Mouthguard is Better Than a Shop Bought One

If your child plays a lot of contact sport they will benefit from wearing a mouthguard to protect their teeth: - Although it may be tempting to buy one from a store, it is far better to get a custom mouthguard from the dentist. - Store-bought mouthguards can be painful, hinder breathing, and so uncomfortable [...]

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Are Lumps On The Roof Of The Mouth A Serious Condition?

Noticing a lump on the roof of the mouth can be concerning, so it’s important to be familiar with the causes of this problem. Key takeaways: - A lump that grows or changes shape could be caused by a serious condition. - Lumps can also be caused by cysts, which usually go away on their [...]

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Need to Know: Yellow Teeth

Over time your teeth can start to look more yellow than white. This can be due to various reasons, some can be avoided. Key takeaways: - Acidic food can wear away enamel and allow stains to occur more easily. - Tea, coffee, wine and berries can stain teeth. - Genetic factors and use of antibiotics [...]

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Is Your Child Ill Due to Teething?

In the past, it was thought that teething caused children to vomit. The modern dentist or physician now realises that this is not normally the case. In fact, there are other reasons why a child may fall ill during the same time that teeth are entering. - He or she may have been exposed to [...]

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What You Should Know About a Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite means the upper and lower teeth don't align properly. As well as affecting your smile, it can cause other problems too: - A misaligned bite can result in premature and uneven erosion of teeth, leading to decay or sensitivity. - It can also result in temperomandibular joint pain and headaches associated with [...]

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