Oral Health Problems Can Result From Missing Your Annual Teeth Cleaning

Having an annual clean of your teeth by a dentist helps protect against oral health problems. Yet many people neglect this, putting their teeth and gums at additional risk. In a dental cleaning, the dentist removes plaque and tartar that have built up on teeth and gums -- which prevents serious dental problems. Key takeaways: [...]

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Vaping and Oral Health

If you vape e-cigarettes instead of traditional ones you could still be putting your health at risk. Key takeaways: - E-cigarettes contain nicotine and other chemicals that increase your risk of oral cancer. - Nicotine can cause gum tissue to recede over time. - The drying effect of vaping reduces saliva flow and allows bacteria [...]

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Did You Know Tongue Piercings Can Damage Your Teeth?

Tongue piercings can result in damage to your teeth and gums in a few different ways: - They can bang against your teeth resulting in tiny fractures that eventually become more serious cracks causing sensitivity. - They can irritate the gums and leave the mouth more prone to infection and gum disease. - If removal [...]

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What is Tooth Bonding?

The term tooth bonding covers a number of procedures to improve your smile. It relates mainly to cosmetic issues other than misalignment of the teeth which is corrected with braces. Tooth bonding: - Can fix cracks, chips, gaps in the teeth and fill cavities - Can protect tooth roots that have been exposed by gum [...]

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After Gum Graft Surgery

If you are scheduled for a gum graft, you should know that there are certain do’s and dont’s that can help with the recovery process. Key takeaways: - Do keep the area clean and prevent plaque build-up by using a mouthwash. - Don’t eat anything hard, as this can interfere with healing. - Don’t brush [...]

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Preventing Loose Teeth

The reasons why teeth become loose are many and totally preventing it happening is an impossible task. Accidents and injuries are major causes of loose teeth and will always occur despite our best efforts. However, there are numerous other reasons why a tooth may become loose that something can be done about by taking preventative [...]

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Best Way to Brush Teeth When Wearing Braces

Brushing teeth properly can be problematic while wearing dental braces. Food particles can become trapped in the braces and extra care needs to be taken to ensure the job is done properly. Basic requirements include a soft-bristled brush, waxed dental floss and an interdental cleaner. - Rinse out your mouth - Brush teeth gently at [...]

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