Dental Sedation

Dental Anxiety and fear of visiting a dentist can become a barrier to attend for some people. At The Edge Dental practice, our sedation dentistry services can help you relax and relieve your anxieties.

Identifying the underlying cause for a nervous patient is always important. Our clinicians will spend time discussing your concerns and utilising our expertise to make you feel at ease. Whether it is the advanced dental care we offer through our empathetic and highly skilled clinicians, or the attention to detail in our customer care, we will make sure that your anxieties do not burden you in the future.

At The Edge Dental, if necessary, we can assist you by providing oral sedation (medicines taken by mouth prior to the appointment) or Intravenous sedation (IVS), also known as conscious sedation. This can be undertaken by our resident Sedationist, Shilpa Shah, who also provides the service for the University Dental Hospital Manchester. Alternatively, we can offer a deeper, more specialised sedation provided by an Anaesthetist so you will be in safe hands during your procedure.

Conscious sedation allows you to enter a state of relaxation whilst maintaining the ability to communicate with your dentist. While it is used predominantly for overcoming anxieties, it can also be used to negotiate a pronounced gag reflex and enhance comfort for those who may be undergoing complex, invasive or lengthy procedures. It also has an amnesic affect, so you will not have any recollection of the procedure.

IVS involves administration of a drug called Midazolam that makes you less aware of your surroundings and therefore more relaxed. The drug is delivered directly into the bloodstream, giving a potent and rapid result to make you relax sooner.

Sedation services should always be administered by a trained sedationist and it requires constant monitoring with special equipment for your safety. At The Edge Dental, you can rest assured that the highest trained professionals, using modern equipment will be at hand to ensure your experience is as pleasant and safe as possible.

If you suffer from anxiety or fear of dentistry you may wish to consider having your treatment performed under IV sedation. If you would like to consider sedation for your treatment please inform us via the contact form, and we will arrange a consultation for you.

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