Case 1

This is a case of simple tooth whitening with the enlighten whitening system.

Whitening Case 1 Before 1
Whitening Case 1 Before 2
Whitening Case 1 After 1
Whitening Case 1 After 2
After – in just 3 weeks
Case 2

After visiting us with toothache, this patient was so happy with the service she has become a long term member of out practice.

We undertook enlighten tooth whitening following cosmetic fixed braces.

Whitening Case 2 Before Scaled
Whitening Case 2 After Scaled
Case 3

This patient wanted whiter teeth so we chose Enlighten tooth whitening.

As you can see, the fantastic results are permanent and remain almost identical after 2 years.

Whilst we recommend top up doses once a month, this patient had not needed this and yet maintained a high quality result.

Whitening Case 3 Before
Whitening Case 3 After
Whitening Case 3 After 2 Years
After 2 Years
Case 4

This is one of our long standing patients who embarked on a fixed cosmetic braces and Enlighten tooth whitening journey with us, with fantastic final results.

Whitening Case 4 Before Scaled
Whitening Case 4 After Scaled

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