Poor Oral Habits Can Damage Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants are a great way to have a natural-looking and functional mouth again. Dental implants should last a lifetime but here are poor oral habits that can damage your crown. Key takeaways: - Teeth grinding, falls, punches, nail-biting and chewing on non-edibles can chip to crack your crown. - [...]

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Can Braces Be More Discreet?

In an age of selfies and social media, not many teens are keen to wear traditional metal braces even though they are great for straightening teeth quickly and effectively. Top tips: - Ask your dentist about the virtually invisible treatment called Invisalign. - Check if lingual braces, worn on the reverse of teeth, are suitable. [...]

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How Are Cavities Treated?

In most cases, having a cavity removed is a very straightforward procedure. If you’re having tooth pain, you may need a root canal. See your dentist right away to get rid of the pain. Key takeaways: - Small cavities that only cause minor discomfort can be treated with a filling - If a cavity causes [...]

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Sensitive Teeth – Top Tips to Beat Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by worn enamel and in such instances, you will need to consult with your dentist. Still, other conditions can cause only fleeting pain. Knowing these circumstances is the best way to determine if they will represent temporary discomfort. Three situations include: - If you have just undergone a dental procedure [...]

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Oral Bacteria and Cancer: What’s the Connection?

New findings suggest there may be a link between certain oral bacteria and esophageal cancer. Key takeaways: - Researchers analysed oral bacteria from participants who were affected by esophageal cancer and from those who were cancer-free. - Levels of gum disease-inducing bacteria were higher in people suffering from cance.r - On the other hand, some [...]

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Why you should receive dental implants

Apart from restoring smiles, there are many other benefits of dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are fixed in the jaw, with a crown at the top. Key takeaways: - You can now eat and drink the foods you used to eat before you lost your teeth. - Dental implants prevent cavities, correct [...]

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