Need to Know: Dental Erosion and Sensitivity

Enamel erosion can lead to teeth sensitivity and pain when eating hot or cold items. Many toothpastes claim they can prevent erosion but researchers say this is not entirely true. To prevent dental erosion: - Follow a healthy diet low in acidic/sugary items. - Brush gently with a fluoride toothpaste. - Seek advice and treatment [...]

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Tooth Loss Linked to Heart Problems

Recent research has concluded that adults who lose teeth in midlife are more susceptible to heart problems. The research also states that the greater the number of teeth lost, the greater the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions. Maintaining proper dental care and regular examinations by a dentist are key to avoiding heart problems such as: [...]

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Implant Supported Bridges

Implant supported bridges use dental implants to support a dental bridge instead of your natural teeth. This means the bridge is stronger and more secure. Key points: - An implant-supported bridge can replace one or more missing teeth in a row. - A dentist should assess your oral health is good and your jawbone can [...]

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Dental Health Issues Facing Smokers

Smoking cigarettes increases the risks of heart disease, asthma, stroke and cancer and it also adversely affects dental health. However, it’s not just unsightly and discoloured teeth that smokers have to worry about. A dentist always advises against smoking because cigarette smoke inhibits the blood circulation and makes smokers more susceptible to: - A weakened [...]

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Can Orthodontia Help to Prevent Cavities?

You might be surprised to learn that orthodontic treatments provide far more benefits than simply offering a straight set of teeth. Why should you consult with the family dentist if you suspect that a problem might be present with your child? - Straight teeth are much easier to clean. - If a child is proud [...]

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How long does pain typically last after root canal treatment?

A highly effective way to save most of the natural tissue and structure of affected teeth, root canal treatment is also usually relatively swift, thanks to the latest dental technology. - Dentists remove diseased or decayed nerve tissue in the dental pulp while preserving the original tooth crown. - Modern local anaesthetics ensure the procedure [...]

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Injection Against Tooth Decay?

It may sound like science fiction but scientists in China have developed a vaccine that is proving effective against tooth decay. Admittedly, the new jab won’t replace the dentist or the need to brush teeth regularly but results to date have been encouraging and the vaccine could be a major boost to dental care. The [...]

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