Stain Removal (Airflow)

Airflow is a fantastic addition to part of our hygiene service. Using a focused jet of air, water and fine grit particles, Airflow can break down surface stains on the teeth, leaving them whiter and cleaner.

Why have Airflow?

Compared to the standard scale and polish technique, Airflow is more efficient at removing biofilm, the substance that forms when bacteria develops in plaque, from the surfaces of teeth, promising a more thorough clean.

Airflow is a cleaning system that is much better suited for patients with sensitive teeth. As there is no contact with the teeth themselves, it’s a gentle form of cleaning that has no scraping or scaling. As it’s so gentle on the teeth, it’s perfect if you have any veneers, crowns, bridges or dental implants.

The fine powder in the mixture gently polishes and breaks down stain molecules on the surfaces of your teeth. The end result leaves your teeth looking brighter and cleaner. Airflow can remove some of the stains left by red wine, tea and coffee and smoking.

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Before and After

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