Tooth Extraction

We try our best to save teeth, but sometimes the tooth cannot be saved and the best option for you is to remove the tooth. For patients in dental pain, extractions can be a welcome relief and we always make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Thanks to modern dentistry, there are many options for replacing missing teeth and filling in gaps in your smile.

All our dentists perform most extractions, but we have our resident oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Leandros Vassilou, who can undertake all complex surgical extractions under local anaesthetic with or without sedation.

Why do I need to have my tooth extracted?

There are a number of reasons why we would need to remove a tooth. Extractions are a last resort but are often necessary to protect your oral health.


Removing a damaged tooth is one of the most effective ways of addressing dental pain. Toothache can be debilitating if severe and removing the cause can dramatically improve quality of life. We can replace the missing tooth using an implant, bridge or a partial denture.

Preventing infection

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to remove an infected tooth. This not only treats any pain but eliminates the infection.

Orthodontic extractions

In some cases where overcrowding is an issue, teeth may need to be removed to leave space for orthodontic treatment. Braces can then move the remaining teeth into a more functional and better aligned position.

Wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth can be a nuisance and cause repeated infections, tooth decay, gum disease and abscesses. If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, we can provide you with a full examination and x-rays to help you decide on the best course of action.

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Toooth Extraction