Cosmetic Dentistry – Crowns

A crown, or a cap as it is often called, is a restorative treatment to strengthen, repair and improve the appearance of an existing tooth. Their hardwearing and cosmetic properties mean they will remain strong and stable for many years if cared for properly.

There are a number of reasons a crown could be used:

  • To repair teeth that have been broken or have been weakened by decay or a large filling.
  • To improve the appearance of a tooth that may have a discoloured filling
  • To protect a tooth after a root filling
  • To help hold a bridge or denture firmly in place.

New materials for crowns are continually being introduced but some of the most popular are metals, ceramic and gold. Here at The Edge Dental, we only use the highest standard of equipment and high-quality materials, ensuring there are no compromises on any element of the treatment you receive. We can help you decide on the best material for your crown during an initial consultation.

What does having a crown fitted involve?

If you are being fitted with a crown, your dentist will prepare your tooth to the ideal shape, which involves removing a layer of the outer surface of the tooth. An impression of the tooth will then be sent to a specialist laboratory where the crown will be expertly manufactured to fit the size, shape and colour of your existing teeth.

On your final visit, the crown will be precisely fitted over the top of the tooth and held in place with a specialist dental cement.

Looking after your crown

Great oral care at home and in the dentist chair will help your crown last for as long as possible. While your crown is resistant to dental decay, the tooth underneath isn’t as lucky. Keeping your mouth as bacteria-free as possible will give your crown the best chance at a long life.

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Case Study

This gentleman came to us having damaged his front two teeth in a sports accident. We provided him with two cosmetic porcelain crowns for his front teeth to match his existing smile and give him a natural result.

Crowns Case 1 Before
Crowns Case 1 After
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