Tips After Having A Filling

A filling is a common treatment that can help keep your teeth in good shape. However, there are certain things you should know about the effectiveness of this treatment. Key takeaways: - Fillings are only 100% effective if they are in good condition. - Fillings are not permanent and need to be replaced every 5 [...]

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Avoiding Complications after Tooth Extraction

The most crucial part of having a tooth extracted is not the operation itself but the aftercare. Removing teeth is an everyday procedure for a dentist but he, or she, will stress the importance of following guidelines to reduce the possibility of post-op complications. These recommendations include: - Not rinsing the mouth for the following [...]

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What Does Dental Crown Lengthening Involve?

During a dental crown lengthening procedure, a periodontist will remove gum tissue to expose more of the crown. - The procedure is used to resolve a gummy smile or for dental restoration treatment on your teeth; your dentist will advise if you need it. - It involves a straightforward technique performed under local anaesthesia. - [...]

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Dental Treatment and Sedation

Dental phobias prevent some people from seeking treatment for problems with their teeth and gums. Dental sedation may be a solution. Main points: - Your dentist can discuss different types of sedation options so you can receive treatment. - Treatment under sedation is pain-free. - Anxious patients can relax and allow the dentist to work [...]

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Can a Keto Diet Cause Bad Breath?

Ketogenic, or keto diets, are very popular but some followers have reported suffering from bad breath. A keto diet involves eating plenty of meat, fish, eggs and natural fats which have been blamed for bad breath. As body fat is burned off, ketones are produced in the liver which are released into your urine and, [...]

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How Alcohol Impacts on Your Oral Health

Alcohol can have a negative effect on oral health and can lead to tooth decay, teeth sensitivity and enamel erosion. Alcohol abuse is also a major contributor to oral cancer. Key takeaways: -  Alcohol can lead to plaque building up, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. -  The acidity of alcohol erodes [...]

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Healthy Snacks for Teeth

Snacking between meals is generally frowned upon but eating the right foods as a quick snack can actually be of benefit to teeth. Fruits and vegetables are not just good for the body but are also beneficial to oral health. Fruit is always a good option as it contains: - Natural sugars - Fibre - [...]

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