What’s the Link Between Veneers And Tooth Sensitivity?

While porcelain veneers can be a life-changing treatment, some people experience sensitive teeth afterward. Key takeaways: - Temporary sensitivity is common after having veneers fitted. - If your teeth are sensitive, veneers may help alleviate your symptoms. - If sensitivity lasts longer than 2 months, see your dentist. To learn more about veneers, talk to [...]

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Teeth problems caused by an overbite

An overbite occurs when the upper row of teeth covers the lower row. Studies reveal that a tendency to have an overbite can be genetic, based on jawbone shape and size. An overbite can cause these problems; - Jaw pain that makes it hard for you to yawn, open your mouth or chew on food [...]

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Fast track a new smile

If you want to improve your smile fast, there are some innovative ways that offer quick results. Key takeaways: - Snap-On-Smile, made from dental resin, is designed to fit over your teeth when required. - Technological advancements mean that dental implants can be inserted in one appointment. - Ceramic dental veneers fit over your teeth [...]

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How you can still get cavities, even with fillings

Do you know that you can still suffer from cavities, even with fillings? Here's how it can happen. Key takeaways: - You can get cavities if your fillings are damaged, either from teeth grinding or using teeth for the wrong purposes, like tearing an envelope. - A bad seal on the filling can leave a [...]

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Easy ways to look after your tooth enamel

Looking after your tooth enamel will help ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Here's what you need to do to keep your enamel in tip top condition. Key takeaways: - Make sure you brush gently twice daily, with a soft-bristled brush, using fluoride toothpaste. - Reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks, and when [...]

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Why asthma patients should see the dentist

Recent studies have revealed that people with asthma are more likely to suffer from dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Therefore, if you have asthma you should visit the dentist regularly. Key takeaways: - Asthma patients breathe through the mouth, causing severe dryness that facilitates bacteria. - People with dry mouths lack enough saliva to [...]

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Could my medication be causing my dry mouth?

If you have a dry mouth it could be the result of your medication. Key takeaways: - Dry mouth can also be a side effect of certain medications such as anti-depressants, high blood pressure treatment, anxiety or pain medication - A dry mouth may also be due to dehydration, smoking, or drinking alcohol - Your [...]

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How your dentist will fill your teeth gap

People have tooth gaps for different reasons. It could be due to injury, decay or a natural gap. No matter the cause of your gap, here are possible solutions. Key takeaways: - Dental bonding and porcelain veneers will close the gap with material that is colour-matched to your natural teeth. - Braces and retainers will [...]

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Top Tips to Protect the Teeth of Your Children

It is important that our children learn the proper ways to care for their teeth at an early age. Not only will this help to reduce trips to the dentist, but such habits can be formed for a lifetime. Let's take a look at three tips recommended by experts in the industry. - Always use [...]

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