Are you making your TMJ worse?

Temporomandibular Joint disorder affects the joint where your jaw and your skull attach. Also known as TMJ, it has symptoms like pain, jaw soreness and muscle tension. So, what are the causes? Key takeaways: - Chewing on pens, ice or fingernails - Using your teeth to open bottles or envelopes. - Pressure exerted on the [...]

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Top Tips to Address Bleeding Gums

It is always prudent to speak with a dentist if your gums have begun to bleed. Thankfully, this does not always signify that you have periodontal disease. What are some other factors that have been known to contribute to bleeding gums? - Brushing your teeth with too much force can damage this tissue over time. [...]

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Managing your dentist fears

Fear of the dentist is very common; fortunately, there are several ways you can make sure this doesn't negatively affect your dental health. Key takeaways: - Talk to your dentist about where your fear stems from - is it the noise or claustrophobia? They may be able to reassure you and make things less frightening [...]

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Mind the Gap!

A gap between the teeth can be a source of embarrassment but there are several solutions for the problem. Modern dental procedures can restore your smile and confidence and the treatments available include: - Dental Bonding is a resin used to fill smaller gaps and coloured to match the teeth - Porcelain Veneers are for [...]

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Best Way to Brush TeethBest Way to Brush Teeth

Brushing teeth regularly is important but it is crucial to brush properly. Almost a third of Britons only brush once a day instead of the recommended twice. The quality of brushing is just as important as the frequency. Best practice guidelines include: - Brush the inside, outside and tops of all teeth - Use an [...]

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The lowdown on teeth grinding

You may not give much thought to bruxism (teeth grinding), however, this habit can have more of a negative impact on your oral health than you may realise. Key takeaways: - Teeth grinding results in approximately ten times the amount of pressure on your teeth than is normally exerted while chewing food. - This pressure [...]

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Why do I have itchy gums?

Itchy gums are annoying but can easily be soothed once the root cause is determined. Key takeaways: - Itchy gums can be caused by many different things ranging from allergies, hormones, viral infections, wisdom teeth eruption or simply poor dental hygiene - Short-term mild itching of the gums can be soothed by rinsing with mouthwash, [...]

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Fluoride and Our Health: More Than Meets the Eye?

Fluoride helps to protect our teeth and is often utilised in dental treatments to strengthen enamel. However, a recent study pointed out risk factors such as: - Prenatal exposure to excessively high levels of fluoride can cause lower IQ score. - Excessive consumption can lead to a skeletal condition known as fluorosis. Fluoride levels in [...]

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