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Do women have stronger teeth than men?

Recent studies have shown that enamel strength is an inherited trait and women have stronger enamel than men. But how does environment - dietary habits - affect men’s and women’s enamel? Key takeaways: - Men's enamel is more susceptible to dental erosion than women's enamel. - This means men's teeth will be more at risk [...]

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Floss After Eating These Foods

There are some foods that like getting stuck between your teeth and may need some extra flossing to remove! Key takeaways: - Popcorn, caramel and toffee definitely need removing as sugary foods can lead to bacterial multiplication and plaque formation. - Broccoli, spinach and pineapple are much better for you, but can also get stuck [...]

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How to train your child proper oral hygiene

Taking care of your child's dental health will protect them from cavities, gum disease and extraction. Therefore, it's vital for parents to train their kids how to take care of their teeth. Key takeaways: - Avoid introducing sugary foods to children under the age of 5 and when you do, ensure that intake is minimal. [...]

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Love is fun

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Foods that should give your toothbrush a workout

If you eat foods like candy or dried fruits you should spend much longer - around 30 minutes - cleaning your teeth gently and thoroughly. Key takeaways: - Sticky, sugary food and drink can damage enamel. - Drink water when you have alcohol. Alcohol is corrosive on enamel. - White bread contains simple carbohydrates which [...]

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Can Brushing and Flossing Damage Your Teeth?

Were you aware that brushing and flossing your teeth could cause problems if these habits are performed too frequently? What does the average dentist recommend and why are these suggestions important to keep in mind? - Choose a toothbrush with softer bristles, as this will protect delicate enamel. - Try to limit flossing to one [...]

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Tips for treating toothache pain at home

Toothaches disrupt all aspects of our lives. Do you have a toothache and are wondering how to numb the pain as you book an appointment with your dentist? Key takeaways: - Kill bacteria by applying mashed garlic to the affected area or rinsing using warm and salty water. - Numb the pain by drinking peppermint [...]

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