How to Beat Bad Breath

Bad breath is never pleasant, yet there are a number of easy ways to improve your breath. Your dentist can help advise on ways to avoid bad breath which can also help the health of the teeth and gums. Key takeaways: - Twice daily teeth brushing removes the plaque where the bacteria which causes bad [...]

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Might Menopause Affect Jaw Bone Density?

It is a well-known fact that a lack of estrogen can impact bone density in women when they begin to experience menopause. This might also affect bones associated with the teeth. Why should you speak with your dentist if you are concerned? - A lack of bone density can cause teeth to loosen. - Some [...]

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What To Eat And Drink For Better Oral Health

Good oral health starts at home, which means you should pay close attention to what you eat and drink on a regular basis to ensure your oral health stays on track. Key takeaways: - Fruit, vegetables, and whole grains should be consumed daily. - Plain water should be your drink of choice. Milk is also [...]

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A Root Canal Can Treat an Abscess

If you are facing an abscess in one or more teeth, there are times when a root canal may be required. What situations will dictate that this method is employed and can it actually save the tooth in question? - A root canal may be needed if the abscess was caused by an infected nerve. [...]

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How Is Jaw Pain Treated?

Persistent jaw pain can be the result of conditions that can have a damaging effect on your teeth and gums. This type of pain and discomfort can be treated in several ways. Key takeaways: - If it's caused by teeth grinding, you may be asked to wear a mouthguard. - Grinding caused by stress can [...]

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Antibiotics Kill the Bacteria Which Protect Our Mouths

The body’s own bacteria have been shown to be effective in killing some oral infections. New research shows antibiotics kill this ‘good bacteria’, preventing their protection of our gums and teeth. Key takeaways: - As with many infections, if certain oral infections are left untreated they will clear away on their own. - Our natural [...]

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