It’s widely believed that one day we will all benefit from stem cell treatment as the most promising path to curing medical conditions, injures and disease.

But did you know that one of the best sources of stem cells can be found within your child’s milk teeth?

The Edge Dental is very excited to be working in partnership with one of the UK’s leading stem cell banks to offer patients the opportunity to make a huge difference to their child’s life in the future.

Stem cells have the potential to regenerate and convert themselves into many different types of tissue, including muscle, cartilage, nerve, bone and liver, which could one day be used to treat your child throughout their lifetime – or even save their life.

In recent years, stem cell therapy has been used thousands of times to successfully treat many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, damaged organs and burns to name just a few.

The best cells are found in young children’s teeth, before they deteriorate through age or pollution, and provide their only perfect match for that child.

Obtaining these cells is inexpensive and non-invasive, using naturally shed teeth and, seeing as your child will lose 12 milk teeth over a period of approximately five years, there’s plenty of opportunities to obtain viable cells for storage.

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