Even the most minor toothache is the body’s way of telling us that something is amiss. The severity of the pain can range from a dull ache to agony but, no matter how minor, it is time to seek the help of your dentist.

The chief causes of toothaches are:

– Tooth decay causing infection

– Gum disease

– Bruxism or teeth grinding

These conditions can be largely avoided with proper dental care and regular check-ups. Toothaches can also be symptomatic of impacted wisdom teeth or oral cancers and it’s “never wise to ignore pain” and hope all will be fine. Read a full article on toothache at https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/painfultoothache/.

Dr. Rizwan Khawaja BDS (University of Manchester)

Dr Rizwan Khawaja, also known as Riz by his patients, graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010. Since qualifying he has worked across Cheshire in practices, specialist centres and treatment centres.

As a certified dentist in Inman Aligner treatments, Riz has a passion for cosmetic dentistry. He is also working towards specializing in restorative dentistry in the near future.

In his spare time, he can be found on the golf course or at Old Trafford, supporting his beloved football club, Manchester United.

He also loves travel and considers himself as a bit of a foodie!