If missing teeth are affecting your confidence, self esteem and the way you eat food then a dental bridge could offer the solution.

Dental bridges, which are made from porcelain and precious metal, can be used to fill gaps caused by missing teeth, which can lead to problems such as a bad bite, gum disease and temporomandibular disorders.

bridgesBridges are cemented to the natural teeth surrounding the gap which serve as anchors for the bridge.

In order for a bridge to be fitted properly, these teeth are reduced in size. An impression is then made to provide a precise mould for the new bridge, which will also be matched to the colour of your existing teeth, so it blends in perfectly.

A temporary bridge will be fitted while the new bridge is being made.

Once your new bridge has been fitted it should last for many years without any problems, however, it is vital that you take good care of it, including daily cleaning, to prevent problems such as gum disease.