24 Hour Emergency Dentist

Out of hours care – Emergency Care

Life is full of surprises and when it comes to our teeth, theyʼre not always welcome ones.

Luckily, we operate 24/7 and can offer emergency care at any time so you donʼt have to suffer.

24 hour emergency dentist

Whether itʼs a loose filling, a chipped tooth or toothache, weʼre here to help so you can quickly get back to your normal self again.

For all emergency enquiries please call 01625 599001 and 0780 8529 208.

What you can expect at your emergency appointment

-Patients will be seen at earliest convenience by a Qualified Dentist & Dental nurse.

-The dentist will diagnose your dental emergency & will provide you with treatment options that are most suitable to your dental needs.

-Most people are nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist, especially when you have a dental emergency, that’s why we aim to put patients at ease with a relaxed environment whilst providing high quality dental care.

Areas in South Manchester that we serve;