Scale, Polish and Gum Disease Treatment

You may have a good routine at home when it comes to cleaning your teeth, but every so often a professional clean will help remove any build up that you cannot remove. Over time stubborn staining and tartar will naturally build up along the gum line, which will be impossible to remove at home.

A routine scale and polish provides a deep clean for your teeth, including all the hard to reach areas. During the procedure a special instrument, used with water, removes all deposits of plaque and tartar. This is then followed by a professional polish – which leaves your teeth feeling smoother, cleaner and brighter.

As well as a deep clean, we will advise you how to properly care for your teeth and gums.

Regular dental cleans are an important part of preventative care and, coupled with good oral hygiene at home, will help improve the overall look and health of your mouth.

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