Why Immediate Treatment for Dental Emergencies is Vital

Regular brushing, flossing, and dentist check-ups help to prevent most dental issues. However, from time to time a dental emergency arises which needs immediate treatment from a dentist. Key takeaways: Left untreated, dental emergencies can result in serious consequences for your overall health. Extreme pain in a tooth or the jaw may indicate an infection [...]

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Root Canal Treatment

If at all possible, a dentist will always try to save natural teeth rather than extract them. Saving a damaged or infected tooth is done with root canal treatment and this form of dental surgery is used when: A tooth is infected A tooth is decayed The tooth pulp needs to be replaced Sometimes a [...]

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Introducing stem cell banking from The Edge

It’s widely believed that one day we will all benefit from stem cell treatment as the most promising path to curing medical conditions, injures and disease. But did you know that one of the best sources of stem cells can be found within your child’s milk teeth? The Edge Dental is very excited to be [...]

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Now Open!

We’re delighted to welcome patients to our brand new family friendly dental practice in Alderley Edge. Located in London Road, The Edge Dental operates a 24/7 service, meaning you’ll be able to book your appointments with us at a time that suits you, without compromising the level of care. This includes later opening hours, 24 [...]

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Achieve a whiter, brighter smile the safe way.

Many of us dream of a whiter, brighter smile and with many treatments now available it’s easier than ever to get your teeth sparkling – but at what cost? A recent report by the LGA has issued a startling warning about the number of ‘rogue’ beauticians now offering teeth whitening treatments and those who sell [...]

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