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Protecting New Fillings

Fillings should last for years and cause few problems. However, for the first few days and weeks a new filling should be treated with care to avoid a return trip to the dentist. The materials used in fillings need time to set and it is important to tread carefully when brushing or flossing around the [...]

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Why Do Gums Recede and How is it Treated?

Gum recession is when the gums pull away from the teeth. This can lead to tooth sensitivity and pain, and can increase the risk of tooth loss. Key takeaways: Brushing your teeth too hard and aggressive flossing can inflame the gums and lead to them receding. Gum disease can cause gum recession and may require [...]

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How to Combat Acid Reflux Disease

Millions of individuals suffer from acid reflux disease. This condition causes stomach acids to reach up into the esophagus and even the mouth -- which can irreparably damage your teeth and cause complications. Still, the good news is that lifestyle changes can have a profound impact upon the overall outcome. What steps can you take? [...]

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Link Discovered Between Pancreatic Cancer And Oral Health

We all know that taking care of our oral health is important, but recent research findings show that we have more reasons than ever to keep our teeth and mouth in good condition. Key takeaways: Medical researchers found gum disease can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. This may be connected to how mouth bacteria [...]

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